In loving memory of Sholem Benchimol Z'L


Spreading Sholem's values

Sholem Benchimol Z'L was a passionate 17-year-old and the youngest of four. His love of soccer developed from an early age, and his dream was to become a professional player while wearing his Kippah and always representing his strong Jewish pride.

As he himself had many challenges because of his many international relocations, he empathized with others facing hardships and always tried to help with a smile on his face. Since his passing, we are keeping his legacy alive by combining his values and passion of Judaism and soccer

  • Pride

  • Confidence

  • Companionship

  • Resilience

Mission statement

Promote athletic and emotional intelligence development in teens.

Athletic development

Sholem Corazon Valiente will support the creation of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer academy in Miami. The goal is to create the first soccer academy in the United States that will respect Shabbat.

Community outreach
Sholems' Fund- launched together with Yeshiva University to provide grants to students looking to make a meaningful impact in the world.Tikun Olan in Guatemala by distributing food and basic necessities to 120 families.

Emotional Intelligence development

Shoogal is a technique created by Devora Benchimol. It was taught to Sholem while growing up to help him enhance emotional intelligence and confidence. Mindfulness decreases stress, anxiety, and depression in children, while improving emotional regulation, ability to focus, and social relations. Devora is developing and modernizing her techniques to make them more accesible.

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Hoodie $30

Buy a Hoodie in memory of Sholem

Kippah $10

The story of Sholem and his Kippah, even against adversity he never took it off. Show Jewish pride with the #Shol3m kippah!


Hillel Day School is creating a scholarship

Book $25

In the soccer field with a Kippah is a memoir of lessons and memories of Sholem Benchimol

Sefer Torah

Chai Lifeline, an institution Sholem was a volunteer for three years is writing a Sefer Torah in memory of Sholem

All proceedings will go towards Sholem Corazon Valiente