A documentary for showing Sholem’s values ​​and dreams

To make Sholem Benchimol Muller Z’L’s dreams come true is the reason that drives us developing the different projects that Sholem Corazon Valiente carries out. Transmitting Sholem’s values and aspirations is what agglutinates our initiatives, which include solidarity actions, a soccer academy that respects Shabbat, and Shogal mindfulness courses. 

Together with the prominent film producer Stan Jakuvowicz, we are developing a  documentary feature  that will spread among young people the values that Sholem cultivated in life, and also emulate in some way the desire that concentrated most energy in his brave heart: to become professional soccer player, and to jump onto the soccer field with a kippah. In addition to the testimonies of relatives, friends and colleagues regarding his principles, his solidarity, his leadership, talent and companionship, in order  to watch Sholem dribbling rivals, the film will include a high tech animation. 

As the objective of this project is to show it at festivals, universities, schools and clubs, the documentary feature will have high tech production, because excellence in broadcasting is the best way to involve teens of all religions and ethnic origins to receive the legacy of Sholem; and in this way ensure that their values and dreams are not locked in a coffin. 

Given the fact that the documentary feature that we are producing is high level, and consequently the costs are out of the pocket for the family, we need to ask for donations. We invite you to belong to this project.

Crowdfunding for Sholem’s life documentary project

A book for sharing Sholem's legacy

Menachem Benchimol, Sholem’s older brother, who was with him on a bicycle ride just when a car hit him taking his life at age 17, wrote “In the soccer field with a kippah”, a book that celebrates and honors the life and legacy of Sholem Benchimol Z’L.

“Sholem may have lost his battle of his life, but his story has impacted the lives of thousands of people around the world”, says Menachem, and suggests remembering his brother in his happy moments, but above all learning from his incredible virtues and values.

Thus, the work aims to compile the stories and memories of Sholem’s life shared by relatives and friends of a young soccer promise that in his day to day used to reflect sports and universal moral principles, as well as a notable commitment to solidarity.

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