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Sholem Corazon Valiente was created for keeping alive the memory of Sholem Benchimol Muller Z’L, who tragically lost his life at age 17 after being struck on his bicycle by a car in Miami.

Sholem Corazon Valiente is a family project that aims to spread Sholem’s legacy through his great passions: solidarity, soccer, mindfulness and Judaism; and the universal values ​​that he cultivated and promoted in life: pride, trust, companionship and resilience, which he desired sharing for all people.

Sholem Corazon Valiente is a non-profit created in order to lay out the legacy of a teenager who has left his mark on other adolescents, and so that other teens can keep the memory of his values and his exemplary life.

As he himself had many challenges because of his many international relocations, he used to empathize with others facing hardships and always tried to help with a smile on his face.

Being proud of one’s own essence and who each one is, is one of the values that most interested Sholem. That’s why Sholem Corazón Valiente launched the Sholem Fund, an ambitious solidarity project that among other pursuits, grants funds to students who develop projects that seek to improve the world by generating meaningful impacts. We also carry out social support projects by distributing food and basic needs goods to families in Guatemala that need assistance.

As a promising professional soccer player, Sholem lived passionately his tie with soccer and the sort of relationships and learnings that the most popular sport in the word spreads out. Sholem’s passion for soccer was born from a very early age, thanks to his father. His dream was to become the first professional player to wear a kippah in the soccer field, in order to represent his strong Jewish pride. For this reason, in partnership with the Israeli club Beitar Jerusalem we are supporting the creation of the first soccer academy in the USA that respects Shabbat.

Since he was born, Sholem was in contact with Shogal mindfulness in motion technique, created by his mother, Devora Benchimol. The universal values ​​and positive assertiveness that he has cultivated during his life have been borned thanks to the Shogal method. Practicing it during his upbringing helped him boost his emotional intelligence and self-confidence. This is why Sholem Corazon Valiente aims to make Shogal Kids and Shogal Teens techniques known to all people, by providing training courses for mindfulness facilitators that want to use it for their practices with children and teens.

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