From a very early age, Sholem Benchimol Muller Z’L’s mother, Devora, taught him and practiced with him Shogal, a mindfulness method developed by herself to enhance emotional intelligence and achieve full mental attention, that she has conceived for children as well as for teenagers.

The solidarity actions and universal values ​​that Sholem cultivated in life are the best assurance of Shogal benefits. That’s why Sholem Corazon Valiente proposes making them known to all people, particularly to mindfulness facilitators.

Shogal Kids and Shogal Teens help to facilitate the mental growth processes of children and teens, which let improve their personal, family and social relationships.

In order to promote healthier and happier upbringing, Shogal relies on ten key universal values​: love, kindness, respect, gratitude, forgiveness, happiness, empathy, hope, patience and humility. 

On the basis of different researches in mindfulness carried out over two decades in the United States, Israel, Colombia, Argentina and Guatemala, Devora Benchimol developed the Shogal method 18 years ago, originally inspired by the forms and deep meanings of the Aleph Bet, the Hebrew alphabet. In Shogal, each letter has a meaning (reason), a sound (hearing) and a form (writing). 

The Shogal method is carried out for children and teens of different cultures and religions, and with very diverse populations in terms of their educational level and their socioeconomic situation, always with the purpose of stimulating proactive behavior and substantively enriching the learning process in its different features.

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