Being proud of one’s own essence and who each one is, makes up one of the values ​​that most interested Sholem Benchimol Muller Z’L. That’s why Sholem Corazon Valiente launched the Sholem Fund, an ambitious solidarity project that, although it was originally created within the Jewish community, develops social support initiatives both within and outside the community scope, for people of all religions and ethnicities.

With the purpose of helping the passion to improve the world, we are funding grants for  students that try to develop creative and innovative projects that seek to generate meaningful impacts in different countries. The restoring of the synagogue of Curaçao; The training in entrepreneurship of Satmar community mothers; Documenting Afghanistan Jews history; Creating an educational system for yeshivot based on emotional intelligence and the Montessori technique; and Interviewing Holocaust survivors from Latin America to preserve their testimonies, are some of the first projects chosen for receiving Sholem Fund grants.

We also distribute food and basic needs goods to more than 120 families in Guatemala that need social assistance, in order to pay tribute to the Hebrew precept of Tikun Olan as social justice.

As a non-profit organization, we consider the transparency of the administration management that we use as one of the key pillars on which the tasks we develop are based.

Sholem was known for his brave heart and spirit to lift others up. The purpose of the projects that we spread is to help improve as many people’s lives as possible for living up to the legacy of solidarity that Sholem promoted in his different daily actions.

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